ENT NEWS | top 7 most outstanding bayelsa based artisted in the year 2016 BY E-mark



Jeffiraino whom is credited with the introduction of the ijaw indigenous rap in the south south, is one artiste that gave the Bayelsa music scene a flavour in 2016.

He released two songs that rocked the year SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS AND BACK THEN AND NOW .The songs enjoyed massive airplays in and out of the state, he was honoured and awarded at EBI DEIN ERE EKELGA 2016 AS ARTISTE OF THE YEAR. Via this songs, he showed alot of his versatility an he was booked for many honourable shows. No doubt he was one artiste that was outstanding in the bayels music scene 2016.




This list would not be justified if this Bayelsa phyno aka Black Geez is not mentioned. With his hit song, HALLELUYAH, Black Geez got his breakthrough into the Bayelsa music scene and kept it all strong all through 2016 with even better songs with his applaudable bayelsa indigenous flows.


#5 AD


unargueably, AD aka THE MUSICAL AD  is the most expensive artiste in this list and his song YOUNG GIRL which features super star SOLID STAR was the biggest song of the year 2016 in the Bayelsa music scene.formerly, AD has done a dope collabo with TERRY G on the song GIVE ME YOUR LOVE. all this could tell how determine and hardworking AD is and 2016 was a good year for him with many honourable shows, awards and honours to his name.




Idyl is the most outstanding RNB singer in Bayelsa state presently. he could be reffered to as the LADIES MAN lol but everyone loves Idyl, male or female for his exclusive and melodiouys vocals.After the release of Tari and Ebiere, idyl  songs gained massive airplay accross radio stations and immediately he became one of the most sought after artistes in 2016.haven been booked for so many events in and out of the state, Idyl rocked Bayelsa music scene in 2016 to the fullest with many honours and awards.



The name Jovin his the Bayelsa music scene like a heavy storm . with his OGUAJA remix featuring Jahwondah, Jovin had a better share of the industry cake even till 2016.Jovin is one artiste with the consistency spirit in Bayelsa state and it worked for him all through the year 2016.Jovin shot some good music videos in 2016 and he was one artiste that was been billed for almost on all shows in Bayelsa 2016.




unarguably, Jahwondah is one of the most Talented artiste in Bayelsa state.His song BASS LINE was a hit of life and it rocked the Bayelsa music scene 2016 .in 2016, Jahwondah became the most featured artiste in Bayelsa and every single perfomance was a hit back to back for him in 2016.Jahwondah is an evergreen artiste in Bayelsa state with evergreen songs.




Popularly called Derek da wonder kid.for sure Derek brought so much flavour and glory into the Bayelsa music scene in 2016.

This 9years wonder kid got into the music scene just in 2016 and took over by storm. Derek is unargueably Bayelsa’s most bankable artiste.All songs he released in the year 2016 was back to back hits.From 1ST CHECK , SIMBA , GINGER, BIGSHOT ETC, all were massive hits even beyond Bayela in the year 2016. in the same year, he released his EP ALBUM titled KING.Derek is now a house hold name in Bayelsa and he has the much needed talent to shut down shows anywhere anyday.2016 was indeed a year of GLORIFICATION for Derek and he just lkike his ep album titled, Derek da wondere kid was the KING of Bayelsa music industry in the year 2016.

With great joy in our hearts, we congratulate everyone that has made this honourable list an wish them a better year and great success in this 2017.to many others that didnt make the list but realy tried in a way or other to keep the Bayelsa music scene growing better, we so much appreciate and will surely have your name here some day.

                                                                                                                   WRITTEN BY PR E=MARK

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